There's lots to do around the city whether you’re an arts and history fan, a shopper or came here just to relax. The city is also well known for its hundreds of amazing buildings that demonstrate Art Nouveau, Modernist, and Ottoman architecture, which are the reasons why Bucharest is known as "Little Paris". 

A funny thing about restaurants in Bucharest, they will always ask you if you have a reservation, even if the place is only half occupied! Our recommendation is to make one, for sure a must for the more popular ones. 

Romanians love their beer! And we do have many good ones, mostly drunk fresh from tap but also a wide range of bottled and canned ones including craft and artisanal beers. That said, in the summer, an alfresco Aperol or a seasonal cocktail is always welcome on the many terraces around town. And as much as they love their spirits, Romanians certainly cannot pass a day without a few cups of coffee. The favored drink can be found almost anywhere, be it a high-end cold brew or a common cup from an automated machine. So you can be sure you'll have a good coffee whether it's on-the-go or at a posh coffee shop. 

Herastrau Park

The much-loved park in the north of the city has changed its name in 2017 to King Michael 1 park, after the king's death that same year. Still, it is widely referred to as Herastrau Park, named after the beautiful lake in its center. You can easily spend a whole day here, starting with a bike ride continued by a visit to the unique National Village Museum. If you're not in the mood for a museum, there's also the adventure park. When it's lunch time, you can choose from a wide range of great restaurants along the shores of the lake. Finish your day with a cool glass of beer at The Hard Rock Café or at Beraria H – the largest beer hall in Europe. Both host live performances and are a top attraction for tourists and locals.

Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 32

Beraria H
021 224 5860

Hard Rock Café

Museums and historical buildings

The Romanian Atheneum is one of the most famous buildings in Bucharest, a truly iconic landmark dating back to 1889. It is home to the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra, which is known all over the world. It's right across the street from the Royal Palace, home of the National Museum of Art. This monument is beautiful on the outside, but its interior is truly stunning, having 75-meter-long circular fresco and grand spiral staircases. What's more, thanks to its circular shape and grand cupola, the audience can enjoy not only outstanding acoustics, but also excellent stage visibility. You can either enjoy a guided tour to this architecture-gem, or even better, you can book concert tickets!   

Strada Benjamin Franklin 1-3 
021 315 2567 

Therme Bucharest

Therme Bucharesti is one of the best and most renowned places in Bucharest, and it has this reputation for a reason. The Therme is an all round experience thanks to its several pools, massage floor, artificial beach, food court, numerous bars and water slides for kids. And that's only a partial list. It is the perfect relaxing escape for couples and groups, as well as families with children looking to have fun. Thanks to its high standards of maintenance and unique open roof it is working seamlessly all year round.

Every visit at Therme Bucharest is a true pleasure that will create great memories to be future nostalgia.

Calea Bucureşti 1K, Bucharesti


Baneasa Shopping City is the largest all-around shopping experience. It is an enormous open commercial site, consisting of many different services and shopping centers. There are construction and hardware shops, a vast supermarket, an Ikea store and of course, the main shopping center – Baneasa mall itself.  

Baneasa mall is a large, well-maintained mall. It has a food court and other services such  as storage lockers, an information center  and  the most important thing : many international and local brands.

Șoseaua București-Ploiești 42D 
021 306 5505 


This place is unique. An excellent steakhouse and much more, a butchery and grocery shop that has an international wide selection of meats, spices and salads that you can enjoy at your own private Rosetti room. It's an iconic place that offers meals all day, including breakfast with a menu ranging from cold appetizers to omelets, veal chops and the good old porterhouse. A big space indoors and outdoors and kid-friendly dining.

Calea Floreasca No 111., Bucharest, RO 012552
0731 351 135 


One of the best in town, a Gault & Milau winner, we recommend this chef restaurant with a warm heart and a full stomach. A great place for you to enjoy memorable times and a great gastronomical experience! This place is an adventure for your eyes as well as your taste buds, the chef playing tricks on them both, and the bartender joining in on it. The menu changing according to season so be sure you visit again on your next stay with us.

Strada Ermil Pangratti 30A
0722 202 204 


This is not a spelling mistake, it's an original space for having an indoor or outdoor drink or dine. The location is where a super modern office building sits right next to an old refurbished one, so typical of this city! You can enjoy a cocktail with an oriental dish or have a fun Sunday breakfast. A brasserie with a vibe and atmosphere you'll enjoy sharing with your partner, friends or family.    

Strada Paris nr. 5
0733 888 555 


One of our favorites from the fine hands of Josef Hadad that has several valued establishments in Bucharest. This one has a casual menu so that almost anyone will find a dish to their liking, whether it will be an interesting combination of veggies for an appetizer or a Tagine hot and spicy dish. The location downtown on a picturesque street adds to the lovely décor with the same Mediterranean influences you'll meet on the menu.   

Strada Nicolae Golescu 16
0751 144 545 

Saloon Golescu

This is actually a great food place but we're here for the craft cocktails! The bar has a huge selection of bottles from all over the world, so all can find what they fancy, be it an Islay whiskey or a Japanese gin that you can pair with a clever tonic. And for sure the bar snacks which are great fun for those who want to sit and sip.

This place is liked by locals and tourists that keep coming back – for a good reason! Nice warm décor for winter & expanding all over the sidewalk for warm summer nights.

Strada Nicolae Golescu 17
031 436 0338 

Nomad Skybar

Eat, drink & dance, Nomad Skybar is the place to get all three in one pack. With warm natural design, wide variety of alcohol, great service and handpicked dishes, this has to be one of the top 5 places to visit in the old town. Arriving is through an elevator from the street level straight in.

There are two floors: the entrance floor, with two bars and spacious lounging areas, and  the upper open rooftop. After sunset, Nomad Skybar has the potential to turn a regular  evening into a memorable authentic party.

Etaj 2, Strada Smârdan 30
0735 448 080 

Sera Eden

Spreads across the “secret” garden behind Casa Bratienilor and the upfront terrace, Sera Eden creates a special environment and unique greenhouse. The garden has a lot of natural elements while the upfront terrace features shipping containers to create a contrasted urban vibe.

Sera Eden offers a complete culinary menu, specialized in mixology and the art of  taste. You will find cocktails, fruit shakes, pizza and surprising fusion-style dishes. Everyone   will find their “cup of tea” at this wonderful place –that is only 100 meters far from us! 

CA Rosetti 37, Bucharest
Reservations not available, table upon availability. 


The number one most famous craft beer producer in Romania since 2013,  loved by locals and tourists alike, who keep coming back. This bar was opened in 2017  in order to promote not only the Zaganu brand but craft beer in general, as they also give  stage to other independent craft brewers from all over the country, that are not commonly  found in other places.

This is a central spot to enjoy beer accompanied by good food to go along with your thirst,   come to relax, open your taste buds, have a nice chat with fellow beer lovers and if you're lucky, you'll arrive just in time for happy hour. Great deal!   

Calea Victoriei 91, 93

Points of Interest

200 Meters 2 Minutes walk
Metro station "Universitate"
900 Meters 10 Minutes walk
Minimarket Auchan
30 Meters 1 Minutes walk
Icoanei park
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Pahrmacia Tulip
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Milu Café
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Old City
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